In a since-deleted post on Craigslist, one inventive Vancouver landlord decided to really push the boundaries of the ‘micro’ living idea. And, they did so by renovating what appears to be a bathroom in an apartment, then listing it for $680 a month.

No, seriously, that was the plan. The absolutely tiny studio has a footprint of just 160 square feet. Already furnished, the ‘studio’ came with a hot plate, a mini fridge, and a storage space. Surprisingly, the listing did not include a shower (maybe that’s what was taken out for the bed?).

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micro suite

Here’s the craziest part- aside from its former life as a bathroom, the deal isn’t too outlandish. At least in Vancouver, where other ‘micro suites’ (150-250 sq. ft.) start around $900 a month unfurnished. So while we may raise our eyebrows at a DIY version, it’s more like par for the course in an increasingly expensive city.

What’s next, though? Honestly, we can’t wait to find out. Fingers crossed someone tries to set up a studio in their West Van home’s walk-in closet.