Looking for a new spot to explore next time you venture out for your daily quarantine mental health walk? We know just the place. The R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant is the hidden gem destination you’ve been missing. Located right here in the city, this gorgeous spot is perfect to hit once the warm weather really sets in.

So the R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant is located where Scarborough meets The Beaches. The destination is nestled just off of Queen St E. Though it looks unassuming from the popular roadway, when you enter the lot you’ll find loads to uncover.

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But before we get into all that, let’s dive into a little history of the iconic spot. The plant was constructed way back in the 1930s. It officially opened in 1941 and since then has held the title of the largest water treatment plant in Toronto. The “R.C.” in R.C. Harris referee to Roland Caldwell Harris, who was the Commissioner of Works from 1912 until 1945.

Today, the site still functions as a water treatment plant in the city. In fact, it currently supplies a whopping 120,000 million litres of water to Toronto each year – about 30% of the city’s total water supply. To break things down a little, the magnificent spot is capable of producing up to 950 million litres of water PER DAY. Yes, you read that correctly. 950 million litres every single day. That’s a lot of water, ya’ll!

R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant
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While the functionality of the spot is great, what we’re really interested in is why it’s perfect for a visit. Although the inside of the plant is closed to the public, folks can explore the outdoor areas of the ground. It’s perfect for scenic walks overlooking the water or admiring the stunning architecture. Did you know the R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant is the largest collection of Art Deco building in the city? Now you do!

We also recommend stopping by with fixings for a picnic. There’s a massive hill looking over the waterfront with tons of great green space to enjoy. Plus, there’s even a little strip of beach with a pier to explore.

R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant
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R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant
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While you’re paying the spot a visit, you may notice it looks a touch familiar. That’s because it’s been feature in a ton of great movies over the years. You can spot this Toronto attraction in flicks like In the Mouth of Madness, RobocopHalf Baked, Undercover Brother, The Pretender, Mutant X, and the cult classic Strange Brew. Just to name a few!

So mix up your mental health walk with a stop at the R.C. Water Treatment Plant! Now that the sun is out, we can’t think of a better time for it.