Do you love lattes, americanos, and cappuccinos? Are you outgoing and energetic on camera? We know just the opportunity for you! A casting call is currently searching Toronto and the GTA for real people who adore espresso-based beverages. If you’re chosen, you’ll get a hefty paycheck and see your smiling face on TV.

So, here’s what you need to know. The casting call was put out by Ground Glass Casting, a Toronto-based casting company known for its ability to find real people with real stories. The project is a commercial for an unnamed company all about, you guessed it, espresso-based beverages!

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Because they’re looking for real people, you don’t need any acting experience to be considered. All you need is an outgoing and energetic personality and a love of hot espresso drinks! They’re accepting submissions from folks of all ages between 20-years-old and 75.

The best part? You’ll get a wad of cash for participating! If you’re chosen for the commercial, you’ll get paid $75 for a wardrobe call, $75 for a mandatory COVID-19 test appointment, and $750 for the day of the shoot. If your footage gets used in the actual commercial, you get an additional $1,500. Not too shabby for only one day on set!

If you’d like to submit yourself for consideration, you can head on over to the full casting call right here.