For dog owners, finding “the one” isn’t always so simple — after all, you and your pup are a package deal. If they don’t find your fur baby as precious and loveable as you do, that might be a deal-breaker. If these woes sound familiar, there’s an event coming up that’s just for you. This month, Black Lab Brewery will be hosting its first-ever dog-friendly singles social, and over 120 people and their dogs are expected to attend.

The event is organized by Ontario Doggos, a social media community of Ontario-based dog owners with over 12,000 members. Founder Francesca McFadden told Curiocity that from talking to various dog owners, she learned that many of them were interested in more opportunities to connect in person.

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McFadden says this will be the first of many similar events to come this fall and beyond. The event is open to dog owners aged 22 and older who want to connect without the pressure of a first date and with the comfort of their dog by their side. “If the conversation gets awkward, you have your dog to lean on,” says McFadden.

The event will take place in the brewery and beer garden on Thursday, September 23rd.  Your ticket comes with a complimentary craft beer or refreshment, and a goodie bag for your pup, who is more than welcome to tag along as long as they’re friendly with people and other dogs.

Best case scenario, this will be the beginning of your love story with your furever mate. And if not, at least your pup got to meet some new friends.


Where: 818 Eastern Ave
When: Thursday, September 23rd, 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.