Hope, British Columbia drew first blood, not us. This is why they have erected a new wood sculpture of Sylvester Stallone from the 1982 movie First Blood. And Sly himself has taken notice online.

Hope was the filming location of the first Rambo movie, so they decided to commission the wood carving of John Rambo to commemorate the movie’s connection to the town. The sculpture is of the film’s protagonist, the misunderstood veteran, toting a giant machine gun. Why would it be anything else?

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I’m very proud that These two massive statues of RAMBO were recently and Permanently placed in the city of HOPE, Canada , exactly where we shot FIRST BLOOD. Thanks to the artist,@ryan_villiers

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Not only is it a sick statue, but Sylvester Stallone even posted about it on his Instagram. He mentions how proud that this statue is being put up and even gives his thanks to the artist Ryan Villiers. It’s always great when rural BC makes it to Hollywood!

It is also very cool that Stallone is still shouting out the birthplace of the Rambo series, which went on to spawn five films over the course of four decades.

Hope, which plays Hope, Washington in the film, will hopefully become a pilgrimage for Rambo fans the world over. We know that we want to check out the new statue very soon.

For die-hard fans of the movie there are also take self-guided tours you can take of filming locations, check it out here.