Alberta is no stranger to stunning (and cozy) locations – but even a pro hiker hasn’t seen every hill, valley and hot spring. Want to see something new? Mist Mountain in Kananaskis might just be one of those stunning spots that you’ve missed on your travels.

Located about an hour and 40 minutes from Calgary’s city centre, this picturesque destination is not an easy one to get to but will be worth it – for some of you. 

It’s important to note that this hike should not be attempted unless you’re experienced due to its difficulty, so be smart and stay safe.

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Think you can handle it? Lace-up your shoes and don’t forget a compass, because the springs at the end of the hike are going to be tough to find.

Luckily, you’ll see everything from Birds and four-legged wildlife, plants dogs (which can join you on this one, as long as they’re on a leash) on the way, and at the tippy top – a beautiful view of neighbouring peaks that you can enjoy while sitting in the springs.

Though most prefer to lounge about in a steamy pool on colder days, this roadway to this hike is actually closed between December 1st and June 14th, 2023 so you’ll have to make due.


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If you’re still interested, pack a bag, a bathing suit and a tent if you’re feeling adventurous (because you can camp at the top) and kick-start that GPS!

Once you’ve located the trailhead (directions here), you’ll have a 6.1-km hike there and back, so don’t forget to stretch!


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The first hour or so of the hike will take you 450 metres uphill, then will level out between Mist Mountain and Eagle Rodge.

After the ridge, you’ll have to follow a scree trail to the right to the hot springs, where you can lounge with a view (as long as it’s not already occupied.) Our advice? Go early and during the week.

It really is magical, but please – be careful and go prepared! It’s going to be one heck of a hike.


Where: Mist Mountain, Kananaskis, AB