Sometimes, we see a house for sale that makes us seriously wonder who’s living there right now. And, this forest estate in BC has us wondering if the Queen herself maybe has a little pied-a-terre in Canada. Let’s take a look at this amazing property on Salt Spring Island, dubbed the ‘Zauderberg Estate’.

bc estate

The French Country-style home was only built in 1994 and underwent a full renovation last year. So, you won’t have to worry about dealing with old pipes just to have the classic manor vibe. We’re lazy, so we appreciate that they’ve taken the upkeep worries out of the picture for a few years.

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And, the 7,300 or so sq. ft. inside offers some very interesting amenities. While most luxury homeowners worry about where to put their theatres, this house went a different route. Instead, you’ve got a massage room, as well as what looks to be a complete doctor’s office setup. Weird, we know.

bc estate

Turns out, that’s just the tip of the health iceberg. The entire estate was created under the idea of ‘shinrin yoku’. Don’t worry, we had no idea what it meant either. Basically, it translates to ‘nature therapy’, and hoo boy was that taken to heart when planning the 70 acres on the property.


Pathways and trails weave from the main house to the other buildings, including the facilities and a pasture for your horses. Don’t have any thoroughbreds for equine therapy yet? That’s fine since the Finnish sauna and a cabana are a stone’s throw away.

bc forest estate

Even the trees are planned! Some 300 of them were planted (alongside a boatload of other plants) to help with the setting. The only thing missing? A helipad, which there’s more than enough room for.


It could just be us, but we could totally see the Queen herself zipping over to this amazing BC estate. Then, she could chill with a few top doctors while she drives around in her Land Rover. To check out this property, listed at $12M, just click here!