Well, folks, it looks like a huge change may be coming to Vancouver’s iconic Granville strip. Because Bonnis Properties wants to completely revamp the East side of the street’s 800 block. And what they’re proposing looks pretty out of this world.

We’re sure you know the 800 block for businesses like the Commodore Ballroom, Commodore Lanes, and Orpheum Theatre. Basically, they’re some of the only heritage spots left standing in the area. And Bonnis wants to preserve them by building what they describe as a “bridge” on top of them. We told you, it’s a unique plan.

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But this build-out would add 400,00 square feet of office space and expanded “cultural space”. And we have to say the proposed build-out renderings make the street look extremely cavern-like. We’re certainly happy to see the old Vancouver stay, but developments like this are a sign of what is most likely an inevitable future.

If you’d like to learn more about this proposal from Bonnis Properties you can click here. And perhaps you could sway them to include some housing affordable housing in that build-out. After all, this city does have a housing crisis. Have a great week Vancouver.