Who would have thought that some of the best deals in Canada are our private islands? Certainly not us, that’s for sure. Yet again, we’ve found an amazing home on a private island, and it costs less than the average Canadian home. Here’s a little more info on Simmons Island, located just 30 minutes away from Halifax.

simmons island

First off, we’re not joking about the price comparison. Simmons Island is currently listed at $675,000 CAD. Sounds like a lot, but the Canada Real Estate Association has the average home price in Canada marked at $678,091 right now. Sure Ontario and BC are tipping the scales, but hey, it’s still relevant.

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And besides, it is a truly beautiful property. The 8.8 acre island is flanked with beautiful and rugged rock outcroppings. In fact, the island right beside it is one of the best bouldering spots in Atlantic Canada. Outdoors enthusiasts, eat your hearts out.

simmons island

While we said the home was amazing, we’re not going to overstep and claim that it’s luxurious to boot. The 950 sq. ft. log cabin features 2 bedrooms, 1 full bathroom, and a full kitchen for meals. Of course, anyone who’s more interested in a TV room than the views here should probably look elsewhere.


And boy, are there some views to be had. Step out onto the massive deck and take in the best of what Atlantic Canada has to offer. For a summer retreat property, we can’t think of much better.

If you’d like to check out Simmons Island for yourself, just click here!