After the massive dog pool party in Yaletown happening this weekend, we’re sure you’re looking for even more dog-friendly spots to frequent with your pup. Thankfully, there are plenty of dog-friendly patios around town, as well as off-leash dog parks to check out. And even luckier still – some kind soul out there has created an interactive, online map of all the off-leash dog parks in the city.

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What’s more, clicking on each park gives you some info about it. Think details like the surface type, access to water for the dogs/people, whether or not there’s shade… yeah, they’ve got it all down. Take a look at a screenshot of the full-screen interactive map below.

off-leash dog parks vancouver map

Photo via City of Vancouver

And all that’s left is you getting out there and exploring them all! We know you might have a few fave parks already, but why not branch out and see if your dogs vibe with the other off-leash spots around town? Treat your dog to a new space to run around and meet new friends, then treat yourself to something from a nearby bakery.

That’s how we would do it, anyway. For more info on the city’s off-leash dog parks, you can view the full-screen interactive map here.