We’re sure your pup is just as excited about spring as you. And, we think you should treat your furry friend to a tour of dog parks around Vancouver. Lucky for you, the City of Vancouver thinks the same way, and they’re here to help.

Some kind soul there has created an interactive, online map of all the off-leash dog parks in the city. What’s more, clicking on each park gives you info about it. Think things like the surface type there, access to water for the dogs/people, whether or not there’s shade… yeah, they’ve got it all down.

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And all that’s left is you getting out there and exploring them. Sure, we’ve got a few favourites (Spanish Banks Park is a particularly good spot), but no park should be left un-ran in this year. Treat your dog to a new space to run around, then treat yourself to something from a nearby bakery.

That’s how we would do it, anyway. For more info and to explore the off-leas dog parks around Vancouver, just click here. Enjoy the week, folks!