Before things get crazy windy. wet, and cold(er) out there, no thanks to the incoming polar vortex, it might be worth bundling up and hitting one of Canada’s best toboggan hills! Heck, thanks to a handy dandy web map made by a true Canuck, it’s easier than ever to know exactly where they are so you can really make the most of your winter.

From coast to coast, Charles Heard, the Edmonton man who started the website, has managed to log over 200 sledding locations with the help of either ‘sled enthusiasts.’

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In fact, you can add to the map of Canada’s best toboggan hills! It’s super easy. All you have to do is log into your Gmail click “add to map” then click the neon green market. Afterward, you can also add, change or edit your listing.

While most have only included an address or directions, many have really gone above and beyond, adding everything from videos, pictures, tips and tricks to help thrill-seeking folks get the absolute most out of their trip!

However, before you go, it’s important to check your city website to see if there are any advisories in effect. Things like COVID restrictions, bylaws and safety guidelines aren’t always (if at all) mentioned on the site.

Otherwise, have fun, be safe and enjoy!