Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned waterfall? We know that we do. And this building in Downtown Vancouver will be sporting a two-story one if it’s approved! Among other things, of course.

If approved, the building at 1698 West Georgia Street will be a residential building on the West Georgia Corridor downtown. But this ain’t no regular luxury apartment! It has been designed with a lot of care. And, it actually draws a lot of inspiration from the city and surrounding area. This is where the idea for the two-story waterfall comes in.

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Photo via KPF

Believe it or not, this would not be the first building in Vancouver to sport a waterfall. Matter of fact, there is a building called “Waterfall Building” in town. The building was built in the late 90s and features, what else, a 40-foot curtain of water.

So, basically, the Waterfall Building was incorporating waterfalls into its construction before it was cool. It’s sort of the grandpa to 1698 West Georgia street. While we’re at it, both buildings’ ancestors might be Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous Fallingwater house. Okay, this might not all check out, but we’re saying it anyway.

While the firm that designed 1698 West Georgia hasn’t received any approval or go-ahead on construction, we are looking forward to maybe seeing this in Vancouver’s beautiful downtown core very soon.

If you want to learn more about the building and see a few renderings of what it might look like, you can check out their site right here.