Have you had a chance to check out Zero Latency? Because we have and it’s absolutely awesome! This free-roam virtual reality experience is unlike anything we have ever seen. VR facilities are popping up all around the world but it’s Vancouver’s turn to offer its own version of the mind-blowing immersive virtual experience!

zero latency vr vancouver

We had to check this place out for ourselves and it did not disappoint. Located in Kingsgate Mall, the space has different themed games ranging in lengths so whatever you’re into, they have it. You’re free to walk around their space with your gear to complete each mission and the best part? There’s no fuss with cables or wires, just you and your buddies taking on the world.

The technology is top-notch – we’re not even sure how they made it so gravity doesn’t exist. From the audio in the headset to the pinpoint accuracy of the controller, you’re sure to be amazed. It’s a miracle no one bumps into each other or the walls, somehow Zero Latency has that covered too.

zero latency vr vancouver

Whether you’re in a fantastical world or taking down zombies we guarantee that you’ll think it’s real life. Forget laser tag or sitting on your couch playing video games, VR is the real deal, well, as close as you can get. We’re not sure about you but that’s the closest we will get to scaling a building or flying off in a helicopter away from bad guys.

The team at Zero Latency is following all safety protocols and thoroughly cleans and sanitizes each piece of equipment after each game so you can feel safe playing with your circle of friends. If you’re looking for some good old fashion fun with some crazy new technology then check out Zero Latency!

Zero Latency

Where: Kingsgate Mall, 370 E Broadway #101
Booking: Online here