If you think about the industries that have evolved over the years, changing with the modern world, it’s hard to ignore the ones that have fallen by the wayside. You might have a few in mind but let’s chat about the real estate game, shall we?

The whole process seems a bit archaic… ok, that might be an overstatement but it is pretty dated.

That’s why we are so excited about Bōde. They are changing the real estate industry in a major way. They give the power to homeowners because really, they’re the ones who know their homes the best! What a novel concept! It seems pretty obvious and a little absurd that it’s taken this long to shift into the 21st century!

Let’s be honest, if we’re in the market for a new home we are all on our mobile phones browsing through listings so it seems only natural for the home buying and selling process to move to a digital platform.

bode vancouver
Photos via Curiocity

Bōde enables sellers to list their homes on the market for free and let buyers book viewings and place offers without enlisting an agent. No more waiting days or (gulp) weeks waiting to hear from someone to get these simple things done. We’re all capable so why not take charge and leave the home buying and selling process to us! That sounds so refreshing and easy, doesn’t it?

Bōde supplies all the data and research you need to list and sell your home like a seasoned real estate agent. With their extensive database, you can make informed decisions, save time and skip all those realty fees. And trust us when we say that there are no hidden fees. The only fee you will see is 1% off the sold price of your home and absolutely no fees on the buyer’s end!

Check out what you get access to just by registering:

  • Market trends: You get full access to every home on the market, how fast they sold, what they sold for, how similar they are to yours, and more! 
  • Sold data: 2 years of transaction history. We’re talking extensive data for both buyers and sellers on what’s sold in your neighbourhood. Ever wonder what a house sold for but the dang realtor’s site just says sold? Well, Bōde’s got you covered!
  • Comparables: A complete data deep dive into what similar homes are listed at and have sold for in your neighbourhood.
bode vancouver
Photo via Curiocity

With all this data right at your fingertips, you can move at your own pace because Bōde has ironed out all the kinks and streamlined the process immensely! 

So if taking charge of your home selling and saving time as well as dodging all the fees and hassle is up your alley, laneway or whatever you’ve got, definitely sign up for Bōde today. Let’s finally disrupt the game and take the old school out of real estate!