Can’t stand the clinking of plates or unintelligible chatter of a busy restaurant? Celebrity chef Darren MacLean, owner of Calgary’s Shokunin and Co-owner of Greenfish Sushi in Avenida, is opening another restaurant! Actually, it’s inside of his other new restaurant, and it only seats eight people at a time. We’re convinced that this guy just doesn’t sleep.

Aptly named EIGHT, it’s hidden behind Nupo, a vegetarian sushi resto that opens January 15th. EIGHT will basically be one part theatre, one part lab.

This interactive restaurant is extremely minimal and totally food-focused. All dishes are inspired by Canada and made with fresh local ingredients, which we can totally stand behind.

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Darren MacLean opens EIGHT in Calgary

Unfortunately, if you’re lucky enough to get into this reservation-only restaurant, you’ll have to keep it to yourself until after dinner. EIGHT has requested that you take ZERO photos while inside.

“But how will my Instagram followers know that I fed myself?!” Don’t fret, influencers. In fact, guests will get professionally curated photos of the food served at the end of the evening. They take full service very seriously here, guys.

This all sounds a bit swanky, but we’re game as long as someone is down to split the bill.


When: Friday, January 17th
Where: 635 Confluence Way SE, Calgary