We all know the stress of a high-intensity Raptors game. Our hearts racing as we sit on the edge of our seats, hoping for a few game-winning points to be scored. It can be pretty crazy! But Coors Light wants the fans to chill. Or at least, they want to provide a little help for fans in that department. The official beer of the Toronto Raptors just dropped a cozy weighted hoodie that’ll help you deal with the high-stakes anxiety that comes with the NBA.

The piece of technology-forward apparel is serving all kinds of good stuff this season. We’re sure by now you’ve heard of the über popular weighted blanket that’s been gaining popularity over the past year or so. The science is in on these things – they’ve been known to provide a calming and grounding effect using the same principles of a type of therapy called deep pressure touch (DPT). So it’s only fitting a weighted hoodie would have a similar effect, right?

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Well, Coors Light sure thinks so because that’s exactly what they’re going for with this new product. The 10-lb Coors Light Raptors Weighted Hoodie is made with stress-relieving fabric and cozy air knit lining. It’s meant to be worn during high-intensity Raptors games so that fans can find a little peace through the anxiety-provoking moments like buzzer-beaters or close games.

Of course, it’s also pretty snazzy to look at! This thing comes in the classic Raptors red with the team logo and the Coors Light logo on display. It’s also got the product message “Made to Chill” embedded in the hoodie’s right shoulder. It’s definitely a neat product to sport.

If you’d like to get your hands on your very own Coors Lights Raptors Weighted Hoodie, you’ve got the chance to win one of 75 when you check out the company’s official Instagram contest. There’s no purchase necessary and all winners will be contacted via DM. You can also purchase one for a limited-time only at ShipandSip.ca.

This item is great for yourself OR for dropping a hint to your sports-fan friends who are less than chill.