Looking for a little outdoor adventure? Look no further. This nearby destination is the perfect day trip for a little fun in the sun. That is, once we’re allowed to go on day trips again. We’re marking our calendars and counting down until it’s safe to head on over to this exciting outdoor excursion. Tubing at Elora Gorge in the Grand River Valley is the outdoor adventure you didn’t know you needed.

*Editor’s Note: We aren’t recommending any non-essential travel to locations outside of your Ontario region. Plan this one for the future, folks!

So, this awesome spot is only about a 1.5-hour drive outside of the city. When you make the trek, you’ll be met with the beautiful natural landscape that is The Elora Gorge. After about a 20 minute hike, you’ll be at the beginning of the lazy river and your adventure will truly begin.

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Be brave and tube the fast rapids or just lounge in the relaxing area of the stream. Either way, you’ll get to enjoy the gorgeous sights of the surrounding river and the beautiful cliffs above. It’s certainly a trip you won’t forget any time soon!

So, while we’re stuck inside, let’s look ahead and dream of the days when we can enjoy awesome adventures like this one. The province’s reopening is around the corner, and when it does, we know we’ll be spending a day at Elora Gorge. See ya there!


Where: Elora Gorge Park, 7400 Wellington County Rd, Elora