With Alberta announcing new restrictions province-wide for the holidays, we need to come up with safe activities, and fast. Lucky for us, there’s a Facebook community dedicated to finding the best decorated Christmas houses around Edmonton. Here’s a quick rundown.

The Edmonton Area Christmas Lights Facebook page has actually been around since 2015, so we have a feeling they know all the good houses by now. But, as an added bonus, they made a crowd-sourced map on Google, which means any newcomers this year will likely find their way onto the list as well.

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So far, it’s looking like Highlands and Sherwood Park are the places to see the best light displays this year. So, keep that in mind if you decide to go for an evening cruise while you blast Mariah Carey’s iconic Christmas album. Before you ask, yes, that’s exactly our plan this weekend.

But, if you come across a street that’s crazy, and it’s not on the list, then we say add it! The more the merrier this year, folks.