We know, we know. Manitoba isn’t exactly at the top of the ‘winter travel destinations’ list. But, a town just outside of Winnipeg is home to an incredible attraction- the world’s largest snow maze. Every year, a gargantuan maze is constructed, mixing The Shining with some clean family fun.

First opened in 2019, the Snow Maze at A Maze in Corn (good pun) was pretty much immediately recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records, with an official footprint of 2,789.11 square metres, or just over 30,000 square feet. Yeah, they went big to kick things off.

But the dream didn’t stop there. Even last year, the attraction managed to almost double the size of the maze, creating an astounding destination that looks like it came straight out of a fairytale.

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Paired with a fire show, sleigh rides, and more, the snow maze quickly becomes a full-day affair, even after you manage to find the centre of it! And while we can’t recommend this is worth a flight to Winnipeg in and of itself, we do think it’s important to know about for anyone passing through or visiting family during the colder months.

The snow-making process has already begun for this season, with the hopes of opening by mid-January! For more information, just click the link below.

A Maze in Corn – World’s Largest Snow Maze

When: Tentatively opening the first week of January
Where: 1351 Provincial Road 200, St. Adolphe, Manitoba
Cost: General – $12; Kids (4-12) – $10; Kids under 3 – Free