In the realm of social distancing and rollercoaster lockdowns, all things online and virtual became the new standard. From online dating to Zoom meetings, we see each other through filters, beauty lights and Photoshopped profile pictures. That is, until life goes back to “normal” and we’ve gotta meet face to face again.

That’s when the hashtag goes out the door, and you literally have to face things with no filter. And without Facetune, Snapchat, and Photoshop…that can be a scary thing. After all, it’s normal to want people to see the best version of ourselves- feeling healthy, confident, and glowing from within.

But wait, would you be shocked if we told you that could all happen in real life, so it goes from “oh…” to “wow”? With a little help from the experts at the Medical Rejuvenation Centre (MRC) you can put that filter aside and live the best version of your life, every second of your life. Specializing in advanced, non-invasive procedures designed to promote restoration and revitalization, they literally have the solution to anything in the field of aesthetics.


“I feel rewarded everyday. Whether it’s Botox, Fillers, or kids being able to control their acne; I’m able to help patients feel confident about themselves on a daily basis” says Dr. Robert Morrell, founder of Medical Rejuvenation Centre. And, that pretty much summarizes their approach! Building a strong connection with their patients is the key to achieving optimal, most natural and long-lasting results.

The Medical Rejuvenation Centre is now expanding and has recently welcomed experienced physicians to the clinic who bring new expertise and experience. With Dr. Joshua Song who specializes in Korean advanced non-surgical techniques and Dr. Andrew Dargie, a leader in Canadian aesthetics training programs, trust us when we say you are in good hands.

medical rejuvenation centre
Photo via Medical Rejuvenation Centre


The list of services is honestly like a gourmet dining menu, there are just too many things and not enough time! And PS, picking a list of noteworthy services? Maybe the hardest choice we’ll make all day.

  • The Enlighten Laser: Uses cutting edge technology to remove unwanted ink (yeah, remember that tattoo you got when you were drunk in Vegas?) and pigmentation.
  • Coolsculpting: The technique quite literally freezes and reduces unwanted fat cells. It’s that simple to say bye to that stubborn double chin. Plus it’s no pain, all gain, how can you resist?
  • Ultherapy: Any age-related concerns are no longer a concern! Plus it’s a non-surgical technique, so no recovery time there. Wonder no more, that’s exactly how your coworker stole Bella Hadid’s jawline over the weekend.

Add a touch of Dr.Morell’s medical grade skin care line Di Morelli to complement your daily routine and you’re all set to extend the benefit of all treatments. Plus, it’s proudly made in Canada, not tested on animals and safe for sensitive skin!


With over 25+ years of experience in medical aesthetics and world-class doctors, the MRC takes a holistic approach to your skin and body and makes sure you walk out feeling good in your skin, confident and empowered.

Oh, and don’t go anywhere just yet. We also need to mention that all of this is happening right in the heart of downtown Van. So next time you have some extra time on hand during lunch, consider swinging by to book your next appointment and take the next step to looking and feeling your best! Check out their website for more info.


Where: 1281 W Georgia St #701, Vancouver, BC V6E 3J7