If you’ve ever driven through Ballard and thought that you caught a glimpse of a Deadliest Catch ship, well, you’re probably right. Many of the show’s ships like The Cornelia Marie, The Northwestern, The Wizard, and the Brenna A are actually based here. But did you know that Fremont’s Mischief Distillery also relies on these ships to make one of their boozy beverages?

Distilling in the middle of the Bering Sea, how does that work? Well, the distilling is still done here in Seattle on dry land but the Bering Sea is what gives Mischief’s Storm Tossed Rye its flavour. The barrels of whisky need to be rolled once a month in order to mix the flavor of the barrels into the whiskey. So why move it manually when you can throw it on a ship that’s constantly navigating 30-50 foot waves year-round?

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All 4 of the Seattle-based Deadliest Catch ships carry identical barrels of Mischiefs Whiskey, but they all create something slightly different. This is due to the way that each captain navigates his ship and the conditions that they face. It’s a totally unique 3-year process that’s a perfect PNW collaboration.

What’s more, is that the profits from Storm Tossed Rye go back to the sea by supporting The Sea Scouts and the Seattle Fisherman’s Memorial. So if you choose to pick up a bottle you can feel good knowing that you’re having a truly unique and locally created beverage while also giving back to our local fisherman. And if you choose to try a taste from each ship’s barrels you can vote for which ships whiskey you like best.

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