We had a treehouse growing up. At least we thought we did until we saw Charmed Playhouses on Instagram. Now we realize that our wooden pallet shoved between two branches was exactly that. Just a wooden pallet shoved between two branches. A house has walls, a door, a roof and windows… Maybe even a zipline, a drawbridge and a slide.

To say that Charmed Playhouses have “changed the game” would be a gross understatement. They’ve reinvented the game.

After being unable to find the magic in landscaping, Tyson Leavitt founded Charmed. His first clients were his kids, and soon after glowing reviews began building from people within his community.

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Now, 5 years later, this master craftsman has built luxury playhouses for celebrities and athletes. You know Steph Curry, right? Well, so does Tyson.

The exteriors of these things are extravagant, having been inspired by everything from Harry Potter to Sleeping Beauty’s castle. But it’s not only the exterior that people gawk over- these bad boys can also come fully furnished.

Charmed Playhouses

These houses have been shipped all over the place and can range anywhere from $20,000 to $400,000. Wowza. Chances of Curiocity having one built and moving our office outdoors? Unlikely… but man, have we been trying to get the boss on board.

Make like Kylie Jenner and get those kiddos a house they’ll never forget! Or don’t, cause $400,000. We’ll leave it up to you.