Stars, snowshoes, sexy companions… what could be better? That’s right, nothing– so get ready for the hike of your life, Calgs. Kananaskis Outfitters is taking us on a moonlit snowshoe through the forest this winter, and it might just be the highlight of your season.

Picture this: you’re floating over the fluffy white stuff, taking in the sights, and suddenly you pause in an open meadow. The night sky is completely lit up with thousands of stars; absolutely no light pollution out here. Sounds good, right? We think so too.

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kananaskis stargazing sky night
So join us on a stunning sundown walk, try your hand at astrophotography, and take a peek through the telescope. We promise you won’t believe your eyes.

And the best part? This walk doesn’t even take athletic ability (score). The snowshoe trail is perfect for people of all skill levels, so everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the mountain landscape after dark.

We’ll catch you in the great outdoors, Calgary!

Kananaskis Stargazing Snowshoe Tour

Where: 1 Mt. Sparrowhawk Cres, Kananaskis
When: February through April as weather permits
Cost: $75+