Bōde’s online platform was developed by a group of industry experts who realized it was time to give the real estate business a much-deserved makeover. Eliminating middleman,  Bōde’s platform allows you to buy and sell homes directly- meaning no profit-sharing and reduced home costs. Win, win? We say so. 

The best part, it’s not just technology, Bōde actually gives you all the tools and resources you need to take control of your real estate. From market research and analysis to sold data and comparables, you’ll have all the help, knowledge and guidance you need. Trust us, the process is a lot simpler than realtors and agents have made it look all this time.

curiocity vancouver homes
Photos via Curiocity

So, we’ve teamed up with our pals at Bōde to give you the rundown on how much homes are selling for in some of the city’s most desirable neighbourhoods. 


Should we even be surprised that Kitsilano’s topping the list? Of course, not! The stunning views of the beach and surrounding mountains obviously makes the area desirable for tourists and residents alike. Not to mention the laidback and health-focused lifestyle, walking proximity to nearby beaches, restos and more. 

Average price of home sold in the last year: $1.35 million
Average sold price in last year: 102%


Another highly popular neighbourhood among pretty much everyone, from baby boomers, to millennials to gen z’s , and for good reason. This vibrant neighbourhood is filled with beautiful homes, mural-covered buildings, upbeat breweries, cafes and boutiques, and it’s in the heart of modern Vancouver- both culturally, and geographically. 

Average price of home sold in last year: $988K
Average sold price in last year: 102% 


In case you missed it, this area is the ‘hood for diverse groups. It’s the kind of neighbourhood that’s perfect to live in for its relative quietness, without being too far away from the vibrance of Mount Pleasant or Downtown. Plus, between the stunning heritage homes, iconic shopping & unreal eateries, we understand why Grandview Woodland is so gosh darn desirable. 

Average price of home sold in last year: $1.31M
Average sold price in last year: 102%

curiocity vancouver homes
Photos via Curiocity


It might be the smaller Vancouver neighbourhoods, but it sure has a lot of heart. Especially if you’re looking to settle down and raise a family. There are plenty of medical facilities, good educational options, and a slew of restaurants, cafes and shops that make it convenient, and super walkable. Plus, Cambie Park, Elizabeth Park and Langara Trail make for great adventures, any day of the week. 

Average price of home sold in last year: $1.56M
Average sold price in last year: 99%


Anyone who’s lived in Vancouver for any length has, at least, once dreamt of living in Point Grey. That dream might be unaffordable for many but it’s a dream nonetheless. With incredible views of the Burrard Inlet (from many places), two amazing beaches and the maximum ‘park space per person’ in all of Vancouver, this is not just a desirable neighbourhood but one of the most enviable ones too. 

Average price of home sold in last year: $3.13M
Average sold price in last year: 99%


This mansion-clad area of Vancouver is straight-up elite and also home to some of the most iconic houses in the city. Needless to say, a red-hot desire for many including us. This gated and hedge-covered community is surprisingly quiet given its proximity to Granville Street and downtown and the line-up of nearby restaurants, galleries, shops and boutiques. 

Average price of home sold in last year: $5.29M
Average sold price in last year: 95%

So there you have it, Vancouver! You can access all of this info and tons more through Bōde. What’s more, is that it’s absolutely free to use, and you only pay them 1% if and when you sell a property. Frankly, there’s never been an easier way than this to take property matters into your own hands. All that’s left to do is to try it out yourself!