Alright folks, the time has come to talk about the Vancouver Airbnb scene. We’ve kind of stayed away from it, but we’re itching for a staycation and realized that prices here are incredibly low. Also, we came across this Vancouver Sun article about a ‘party mansion’ and knew we had to check it out.

Now, let’s chat about this crazy Airbnb penthouse suite in downtown Vancouver.

vancouver airbnb

At a mere $520 a night, you can split this place with 4 other friends and only pay just over $100 a night to live like royalty. Seriously though, when else are you going to get to party in a penthouse in the city?

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vancouver airbnb

Of course, the space has been tastefully decorated and is fully furnished. All you have to do is provide a killer party soundtrack and you’ll be good to go. We suggest Shlohmo’s classic ‘For tha Summer’ series.

airbnb roof

Try and pick a sunny weekend too, since this spot has an insane rooftop patio that needs to be enjoyed. Fire up the barbeque, have a few beers and laugh it up with your friends at the fact that you can have a few nights here at the same price as a weekend at a Best Western.

airbnb porch

Timing it with one of the fireworks displays would be pretty sick too. But hey, the possibilities are endless here.

You can check out this crazy Vancouver Airbnb on their website.