Every once in a while, a place comes along and reminds us why a dish like za is in high demand. One of these spots is Connie and John’s, a NY and Detroit-inspired pizza joint where the pie is crisp, the toppings are aplenty and the possibilities are endless. And now, with multiple locations. 

With two different styles to choose from, and two great locations in amazing YYC neighbourhoods, Connie and John’s have really set themselves apart from the others. And now, they’re just dropped some of the best news we’ve heard in, well, a while. In addition to their East Village location in the iconic Simmons building, they’ve just opened up shop in the Blush Lane Market in Marda Loop! 

connie & john's pizza marda loop
Photo via Curiocity

So, what sets these guys apart from the rest? Well for starters, using only the freshest ingredients, these folks will craft a delicious meal just the way you like it, whether you prefer a slice of Detroit deep dish – golden cheesy edges, and bubbly delicious – or New York classic; hand-spun, foldable and familiar.

Can’t decide? Don’t be ashamed. Instead, order both and cut your losses. When you inevitably feel full afterward, you can just take a walk around Marda Loop and check out the many things to do in and around the community! But don’t worry, for those days where leaving your house is a no-go, you can find ‘em on Skip and DoorDash.

connie and john's pizza marda loop
Photos via Curiocity

Trust us, Calgary, you will not regret checking them out. So go show some support for one of Marda Loop’s newest local businesses! 

Despite strongly believing that there’s no such thing as a bad slice of pizza, we believe that there is such a thing as an EXCEPTIONAL slice of pizza, and you’ll definitely find it here.


New Location: Blush Lane Organic Market Marda Loop, 2044 33 Ave SW
Instagram: @Connie_and_Johns