Are you getting bored with the endless stream of Zoom meetings and corporate calls? Do you work from home and want to mix up your next video chat a little bit? Well, you’re in luck! Now you can loop a farm animal into your next corporate call. Yes, you read that correctly. A farm animal! Right now, an animal sanctuary called Sweet Farm is letting people video chat with llamas, goats, and tons of other furry friends.

Now, before you get TOO excited you should know that the service isn’t free. But they do promise to be less than $100. So if your business has that in the budget, why not go for it? Apparently, since the service launched, they’ve had over 300 requests for animal cameos.

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farm animals

All the revenue from the calls will help the farm stay afloat during these uncertain times. And with so many businesses struggling thanks to COVID-19, what a fun way to help one get through this whole thing! The service is called Goat 2 Meeting and it’s sure to spice up your quarantine.

So next time you have a lengthy meeting scheduled and just can’t bear the thought of sitting through it, hit up this great service! We’re sure your boss will be thrilled with an extra team member in attendance. Even if it’s really a farm animal…

Sign up for a Goat 2 Meeting here.