Remember the good old days when you’d cruise your neighborhood and see kids selling lemonade? Used to be a pretty common occurrence but these days we don’t see it as much. Well, two pre-teen Seattle girls are changing that by kicking the lemonade stand game up a notch. They’re taking their wares to Lake Union.

Quinn and Kate’s Lemonade Stand serves up freshly squeezed lemonade to those out on the water. It’s situated on top of a floating dock and if you’re worried about missing it, you can’t miss the cute little black and white stand. And while the whole idea is pretty cute it also has an important message behind it.

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The stand is a way for the two girls to learn all about money and budgeting. Throughout their sales, they’ve learned that they need to charge more than their initial $1 price because lemons, cups, sugar, and everything else that goes into creating tasty drinks cost money. And if you’re wondering, the girls also donate 1/3 of their earnings to a charity of their choice which is Rainier Animal Fund.

Now it’s also worth noting that the girl’s parents funded their stand through a microloan and expect the girls to also pay back to people around the world through a microloan. It’s a great idea for teaching kids about money and an amazing way to spend a Seattle summer. If you’d like to learn more about Quinn and Kate’s Lemonade Stand you can click here.