The words “affordable” and “private island” appear together well… pretty much never. So when we found out that an entire private island on a BC lake is selling for under $100k, we knew we had to daydream about it, just a little bit. The remote Stuart Lake, which is actually one of the largest freshwater lakes in Canada, is the home base (naturally) of this spot. Let’s check it out!

The unnamed, undeveloped island features 8 acres of heavily treed landscape that truly epitomizes beautiful British Columbia. What’s more, the island even comes with a couple of beaches and bays to splash around at or build a dock on.

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stuart island bc private island for sale
Photos via Landquest

Back to the whole ‘undeveloped’ thing. This is truly a wild property, that has zero by the way of modern amenities. So, unless you’re willing to go full Dick Proenneke one summer, getting a house set up there might not be the cheapest thing around. Especially since it’s some 45 minutes (by boat) to the nearest town.

At the insanely low price of $79,900 though, we can’t help but be intrigued. Our advice? Dish out the cash for a tiny home up there, then just rent it out as a destination Airbnb whenever you and your pals don’t want to stay there. Trust us here- if you build it, they will come.

This is one of the rarest properties we can find here at Curiocity- not only is it a completely different lifestyle than we’re used to, but it’s actually also affordable! Yeesh, we might have to hit up a few friends and see if they’re willing to sell part of their NFT collection to help fund this. Come on, just sell a couple of lions and we’re golden!

If you’re thinking the same, you can check out the listing for this insanely low-priced private island in BC right here.