If there’s anything that quarantining in the city has made us crave, it’s an escape into the woods. Think of it this way, if you’re going to be isolated anyway, you might as well be surrounded by nature, right? Sure, we’d definitely miss the city eventually. But before that sunk in? Whew! We’d have a ball. Well, what if we told you an actual waterfront resort is up for sale in Northern Ontario? You can become the proud owner of an entire set of gorgeous log cabins buried in a beautiful forest. Talk about a nature escape!


So this insane property is located just south of Sioux Lookout, Ontario on the shores of Abram Lake. When we talk about an escape here, we really mean it. The spot is a whopping 19-hour drive from Toronto! Or a 3.5-hour plane ride. You certainly won’t have to worry about the hustle and bustle of the city reaching you here!

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Via canada.businessesforsale.com

Of course, you’ll be getting quite the bang for your buck if you do make the purchase. The waterfront resort encompasses an entire 36 acres of land. 15 of those acres are developed for business, while the other 21 are made up of red pine and birch forest. There are 2 massive sandy beaches on site, with a grand total of 2,900 feet of shoreline.

So what’ll you do with all that space? This spot is known for its fishing, hunting, and loads of neighbouring lakes. You can really live off the land here! Plus, the listing presents current revenue opportunities sitting at between $250k and $500k annually, so renting cabins and RV sites could get you your money back in no time.

Via canada.businessesforsale.com
Via canada.businessesforsale.com

The cabins themselves are also something to marvel at. We’re definitely suckers for places this aesthetically pleasing, and the cozy feel these things have is unmatched. There are 8 cabins in total, including 2 framed cottages.

But don’t worry, you won’t be entirely cut off from the rest of the world. The waterfront resort does have internet access. Other technical perks include underground electricity, coin-operated laundry, and an on-site store.

Via canada.businessesforsale.com
Via canada.businessesforsale.com

Just look at those insane views! We don’t think we’d have a worry in the world if we woke up to that outside our window.

Along with the cabins, there’s also an on-site trailer park with 69 services RV sites and 10 non-serviced sites.

So if you’re looking to leave it all behind and start your life in the middle of the woods, this is the place to do it. The entire resort is up for grabs for $2,895,000 CAD. That is a lot of money, but compared to the homes you’d get for that price in the city, this spot is practically a steal. Check out the full listing here.