Looking for some outdoor fun this winter? If you’ve got the space, you might be considering building a backyard rink (lucky you!). And, one Edmonton man has made it easier than ever to set it up. Say hello to ‘Dad’s Rink Kit’.

The premise is exactly as straightforward as you would expect. Depending on the size of the rink, you’ll be sent the necessary materials to make it and a guide for building it. Of course, you’re going to need to provide the water yourself.

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Surprisingly, the company has been chugging along for some 25 years, so we’re confident they know what they’re doing. The kits start at $100 (for the smallest ice size) and go all the way up to $495. We want to meet the person putting half an NHL hockey rink in the backyards.

Anyway, if you’re thinking this is the year to try and build your own outdoor rink, then you can skip a headache or two with this local option. Keep Dad’s Rink Kit mind as the temperature starts to drop, folks!