Alrighty, folks. We’re not sure about you, but we’re gearing up for a couple of big nights in this weekend. Luckily, we just found out about Box’d, which is creating the perfect pairings for it. Whether you’re ready for some class or just want to satisfy your sweet tooth, Box’d has what you need.

The company specializes in creating take-home and delivered charcuteries and spreads. What’s more, there are a variety of options to pick from. Let’s check it out.

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Starting at $26, you’ll get a box filled with everything from meats to cheeses, veggies and even candy. You can pick between options like meat-lover’s, vegetarian, keto and Halal options. And yes, they do offer a box just with candy in it.

So, if you’re feeling peckish this weekend and want to support local, you might want to try out this new name! Who knows, you might just have a new go-to caterer for all your nights in afterward.

You can learn more about Box’d on their Instagram page.