If you keep up to date with Seattle foodie Instagram’s then there’s a sandwich that you’ve probably seen gracing your feed quite a bit. Well, it’s not exactly a sandwich…rather it’s a lobster roll. A big one. Can you see it yet? It’s the $29 sandwich from Edmonds spot The Market that has had folks obsessing across the city.

A $29 sandwich might sound like quite the price to pay for a relatively small amount of food. But the key ingredient here is the lobster. It’s fresh, straight from the Gulf of Maine. The crustacean’s freshness along with a Macrina warm toasted roll, house aioli, celery, gherkins, arugula, brown butter, and fries make this sandwich unforgettable.

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While the Connecticut-style lobster roll is the star here, the menu has plenty of other items. You can grab other delicious seafood items like fish & chips, chowder, crab, oysters, shrimp, and more. Whatever you choose you’re probably going to love it and if you’re balking at the sandwich price, it’s definitely a treat yourself item.

Now we know that Edmonds is a bit far for some of your homebodies but there is good news. According to an article from The Stranger, it looks like a location of The Market will be opening at Seattle Art Museum next month. So you can either wait for that opening or head to Edmonds in the meantime to get your hands on this tasty sandwich.

The Market

Where: 508 Main St., #3148, Edmonds, WA
Hours: Monday-Friday 11 am-9 pm, Saturday & Sunday 10 am-9 pm