We’ve heard of carsharing and home-sharing, so we guess it was just a matter of time until plane sharing became an option as well. We just stumbled across Flight Club, which is pretty much Airbnb but for flying airplanes. Yeah, we didn’t know there was a market for that either. Let’s check it out!

The idea is relatively straightforward. People with private aircraft (which are used for pleasure flying) offer them out to qualified pilots, and charge by the hour to use them. The service is relatively new, but there are already over 30 different planes listed across the country.

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And, for the plane enthusiasts, the lineup is pretty solid. There are Cessnas, Beechcrafts and Pipers to choose from, ranging from around $100-$500 an hour to use. While we don’t know the first thing about owning an airplane or being a pilot, this does seem like a great way to get in the air without jumping through tons of hoops/buying your own plane.

We’ve all got that one friend that either actually became a pilot or talks about cool planes nonstop, so we suggest that you share this new option with them. For more information, head to the Flight Club website.