Home is where the heart is… and the last time we checked, that little beatbox of yours goes where ever you do. What if we said that no matter what town, country, heck, even planet that you visit in your lifetime, you could come home to the exact same front door every single day? Brette Haus tiny homes are truly one of a kind, combining modern technology with simplistic living.

Not only are they chic, livable and a hell of a lot cheaper than a traditional 2-storey home, they’re also portable! Seriously, guys, picking up and moving elsewhere with a Brette Haus is as easy as packing and unpacking a moving box. In fact, because there’s no need for a tape gun, it might actually be easier.

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Unlike other mouse houses, Brette Haus homes fold into each other to create a compact shed-sized unit, making it unbelievably easy to transport from one place to another.

The most surprising part?  Well, although we wish that there was some over the top, scientific explanation; all it took was a couple of juicy minds and a little geometry to pull it off! There’s really no fancy technology, just a few screws and a couple of hinges in the right place allowing it to fold organically.

Also, as you can imagine, these cutsie homesteads are incredibly affordable (despite being ingenious) costing anywhere between 35,801 to 47,948 CAD. Choose from 3 layouts differentiating in square footage and style, drop some cash then pick a place to start a new. It’s really as easy as that!

Pretty cool, hey? For more information take a scroll through their website, where they have pictures, videos and testimonials… all of which have us thinking of buying a tiny house in the future – even though we’re totally claustrophobic. We suppose people, things and ideas really do change! Maybe there’s hope for 2021 after all.