If there’s one thing Albertans can agree on, it’s that our backyard is seriously the best (sorry rest of Canada, we claimed it!) And with the warm weather finally here, it’s time to ditch the confines of our home, get off the couch, and get out to explore the beauty of this province. 

So, first things first… how are we gonna get there? Whether you’re a city dweller without a vehicle, don’t wanna put the miles on your not-so-mountain friendly ride, or simply wanna hop in a nice new whip to check it out…. Canadian company, Communauto has hit the streets of Calgary and they’re ready to show us around! 

Photo via Curiocity

Communauto offers a fleet of over 100 vehicles across the province to get you moving. From cars to SUVs and even electric models, all you’ve gotta do is pop on the app and get going. 

We’ve gotta admit it. Communauto has a lot of great features, like A) Their GHG Offset Program, which enables members to offset the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from their trips through voluntary contributions, and B) It’s easy to use. If you know how to use an app, you’ll be on your way in no time. But let’s be real… our fave part is, C) The price! 

Photos via Curiocity

Here’s how the pricing is broken down: 

  • Single Trip (up to 100km): 41¢ per minute, $15 per hour 
  • Day Rate: $50 first day, $35 each additional day 
  • 100km included per trip, and additional 20¢ per km after
  • Don’t pay gas or insurance! 

Looking to use Communauto for a longer trip? No worries- they’ve got it covered with tons of options to save you money. From long distance plans to value plans… they make it easy for you to select the best option for every adventure. 

Photos via Curiocity

Whether you’re opting for a one-way ride to leave downtown while grabbin’ drinks, looking to take a full day road trip in the mountains, or even grab one for a week long trip throughout Alberta (or North America!)- Communauto is an affordable alternative to other methods such as renting a car, or grabbing an uber. Plus, with their 15 free (optional) sanitizing period… it’s a safe and clean option during these times! 

Ready to get going? Check them out here for more info!