Convos over drinks on a warm summer night is one of our favourite ways to collect some cherished memories. The problem is, the deeper we get into the night, the less we remember these memories. But Gradient vodka soda has the perfect solution and it’s now available to Vancouverites.

This Calgary-born brand launched in 2020 and has sent waves across the Albertan market with its revolutionary take on modern moderation.

gradient vodka soda
via Curiocity

So, Gradient vodka soda comes in packs of four with a decreasing alcohol scale. Each pack includes four strengths — 7%, 6%, 4% and 3%. Meaning, that you can either start the night strong and end light, or use the pack to add a little extra control to your typical night.

Apart from the fact that you’ll actually remember the night with this novel and controlled approach, you’ll also not have to worry about the dreaded morning after. A win-win, we say!

It’s available in three different flavours— Lime, Raspberry Lemon and Cucumber Mint. The latter two, in fact, recently won Silver and Gold at the International Wine and Spirits Competition in London.

To make your party evenings epic, they’ve launched a 12-pack with all four strengths of each of the three flavours.

gradient vodka soda
via Curiocity

The brand did not just take care of moderation, it also solved our perpetual struggle to find a drink that matched our summer fitness goals. Gradient vodka soda has zero frigging carbs. It’s gluten-free and has zero sugar and zero artificial sweeteners.

If you’re still not sold, you can check ’em out at the popular outdoor Beerfest, Punch Bowl on July 30th. And when you’re thoroughly pleased (which you will be) you can find a store near you at They are available at more than 50 locations across BC.

Here’s to a bright-meets-smart summer!