Fact: Colleges and universities in Alberta have reopened. Implication: It’s party time! Now, let’s talk drinks. More precisely, let’s talk wine.

So, what is a good wine? If we asked that question to a wine connoisseur, you’ll probably hear tannins, body, bouquet and a bunch of other impressive-sounding words. But for a college student, the correct answer is 3-fold − 1) the wine tastes good, 2) the wine is boozy but not so much that you can’t make it to morning lab and 3) the wine suits our bank account (not always in that order of priority).

Well, we’re in luck! Mark Anthony just released a new wine that checks all three boxes. They’re calling it Sweet Bliss and sure as hell, it is sweet, sweet bliss.

It’s a flavoured wine that comes in bold and flavourful versions of red and white. There is Sweet Bliss Strawberry Red and Sweet Bliss Mango White. The wine is flavoured with natural, rich fruit flavours and comes with an alcohol content of 6.5%. You know what that means, right? It’s perfect not just when you need a hangover-free morning but also when you need a little daytime indulgence.

Canadian wine mark anthony
Photo via Mark Anthony Group

Coming to its impact on our limited student budget, well, the wine is priced at $7.99 (give or take a few cents) meaning we can actually treat ourselves every day. Despite the exam stress and papers overload, these are still the best years of our life after all.

It’s pretty easy too to get your hand on Sweet Bliss. The wine is available Alberta-wide at retail and liquor stores including Sobeys, Alcanna and Wine & Beyond.

Sip away!