Canadians never cease to amaze us! From wild inventions like peanut butter, IMAX, pacemakers and insulin; to sustainable products that better the environment, our country has come up with some pretty cool stuff. Heck, just take a look at Chop Value, a company that recycles and transforms chopsticks into home decor!

Since founding the company back in 2016, Vancouverite and wood engineer, Felix Böck has done some incredible things.

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Not only did he very recently secure $2.65 million in investment funding, but he also launched a subscription service AND has repurposed over 32 million used chopsticks that would have otherwise just been thrown out.

From tables to shelving, board games, charcuterie platters and coasters, Chop Value has been able to make some beautiful pieces without harming any trees. Their pieces are minimalistic, super chic and, of course, were made with the environment in mind – is there anything better?!

To check them out, or to purchase something from these folks, we’d definitely recommend visiting their website or hitting one of their participating retailers. What’s to lose other than a couple of bucks, some time and a guilty conscience?