They might lick their own butts, drink out of the toilet and take up the entire bed regardless of their size – but we love them, and we’ll do almost anything to make them look and feel good. We’re talking about dogs, of course, and the ridiculous things we do for them include dressing them paw to ear tip in designer threads, like the ones sold by Canadian company Roxy and Lulu, who actually has a couture gown that costs more than an offseason flight from Calgary, AB to Paris – roundtrip.  

Selling pyjamas, outerwear, collars, and tutus covered in Swarvoski crystals – made to fit, the folks at Roxy and Lulu have allowed thousands of over-the-top pet parents all over the world to exist boldly.

Though not all of their fits are as pricy as their ‘Victoria Gown‘ (which will run you $675), nearly everything at this puppy boutique comes with quite the price tag… especially when you take into consideration that your dog will likely eat its way out of whatever you put them in.


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Of course, that’s not to say that we think that the idea of dressing your dog up is silly.

Like most of you, we can’t help but squeal whenever we see a Chihuahua in booties or a Golden Retriever in a bow tie, but $675?!

We can think of better ways to spend our money, but we have to give credit where credit is due.


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Lucy Medeiros, the owner and founder of the company, has really made her own way since designing for La Senza Girl in the early 2000s.

With a little inspiration from her adopted pup Roxie, she has since held shows at Pet Fashion Week in New York (yes, that’s a thing), has sold a ton of her unique pieces and has even managed to give back to a number of pet-centric organizations. 

For that, we believe she deserves a round of a-paws.

Check them out, Canada – if only to compare items in your own closet. Heck, make it a game! Drink every time you find something that costs more than what you wear on the daily! You won’t regret it – we’re sure.