When talking “STEM”, some minds may venture to a part of a plant, others may conjure images of a human cell, and a few others would think of the new global foundation of education and innovation. If you fall in that last category, chances are you are a parent, educator, or at the very least understand the importance of technical literacy among kids, tweens and teens (the future).

So, you also understand why coding for kids is all the rage right now. Some even call it a super-skill, as it fosters creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking and many more essential life skills. So, it’s safe to say that coding deserves all the attention it’s getting.

As it usually happens with the latest trends, coding too is shrouded in a cloud of myth. Fortunately, Super Code Strike by Creatubbles, a Canadian gaming app designed to make coding fun and easy for kids, is out there busting some common coding myths simply by its awesome existence and of course, by its amazing features. Here’s how…



Truth: Super Code Strike makes learning to code easy-breezy. The block-based coding app uses in-app support and explanatory video series, How Do Dat, making coding downright doable. The app provides different difficulty levels so kids can start where they feel comfortable. The best part is that the app aligns with Ontario’s coding curriculum for grades 6-8, so kids are actually studying while playing the game.


Truth: Everything is more fun when you turn it into a game. Doing just that, Super Code Strike gamified coding to make it exciting. The many customization, connection and adventure opportunities Super Code Strike provides make coding a fun activity that kids can’t get enough of.


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Truth: Frankly, this is not true for coding anywhere as anyone who’s ever coded will agree. But SCS takes creativity to a whole new level by letting users build their own island-based games with puzzles, obstacles, and other challenges. Oh, and not to forget the creative customization of robot behaviour and other building elements.


Truth: This is probably the biggest myth but let’s clear it for once… No, coding does not require you to lock yourself up in a room with headphones on, intently staring at your screen. And SCS actually encourages interactions between users via the multiplayer feature! 


Truth: This one’s the easiest myth to debunk. No fancy online courses are necessary with SCS. The app is free to download and play for all users, making it accessible, and affordable. If you’d like, there are customization options that you can choose to pay for in the app, so you can customize your coding fun however you choose. 

 This one’s the easiest myth to debunk. As opposed to the market trend of promoting an app as free and stuffing it with in-app purchases, Super Code Strike is a completely free app with no purchase pop-ups along the way.

So friends, there you have it! Interested in Super Code Strike? Download now, or head to their site for more info! 

On your mark… Get set… CODE!