Some people (like us) know just about zero when it comes to wine regions and the fermentation process. Others know enough to be dangerous, but feel overwhelmed when it comes to making a selection. Luckily, Canada-based Small Mercy Wine Company sees us – not as the all-knowing connoisseur, but as someone who just really likes to casually pop a bottle and unwind after work.

Sometimes going to the liquor store and picking a wine can take the entire fun out of drinking it, but with Small Mercy, it’s as simple as choosing between a red or a white.

Basically, these folks know wine, so you can spend less time searching and more time unwinding!

Using a blend of grapes from all over the world, as well as right here in Canada, they’ve created a quality wine that’s light and bright, much like their attitude about the drink.

small mercy

Both the red and white options are great for any occasion, special or otherwise, but if you’re looking for something for a casual evening after work, they’ve literally written the vibe on the label.

Easy Going Red is for those who want to do just that and take it easy. We’re talking those nights when you binge watch Netflix, take a bubble bath or treat yourself to a nice dinner at home.

small mercy wine

Upbeat White is what Small Mercy recommends for more upbeat occasions, whether it’s a birthday party, drinks before or after a night on the town, or to make a toast to yourself for making it through to yet another season finale!

If you’re still unsure, just think about all of those little things you’ll be able to enjoy now that you only have to spend 5 minutes in the liquor store instead of 40. 

Take a beat, pick up a bottle, unwind, unscrew – and enjoy! Because at the end of the day, that’s really what drinking is all about. 

Ready to buy? Order yours now and stock your cellar for an unbeatable price!