When the 60-storey TELUS Sky building joined the Calgary skyline, it immediately became the brightest shining star in the city (literally, thanks to the LED art installation which is Canada’s largest public art display). Now, following the long-awaited grand opening of their architectural and environmental masterpiece on July 6, TELUS, Westbank and Allied  are ready for Sky to shine brighter than ever and welcome Calgarians through its doors. 

TELUS Sky building interior
Photo via Ema Peter Photography

A quick recap— TELUS Sky is TELUS’ new Calgary headquarters, a mixed-use development blending retail, office, and residential spaces to create a unique urban live-work-play lifestyle in the heart of downtown. Its curvy design and iconic live art installation by Douglas Coupland, Northern Lights, have become a highlight of the YYC skyline, lighting up each evening.

There’s yet another place where the skyscraper shines— being a leader of architectural innovation and environmental design. Built to LEED Platinum specifications— the highest Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design standards— the skyscraper has raised the standards of sustainable architecture in North America.

Photo via Ema Peter Photography

Here are four ways ways it’s living up to these standards:

#1 Energy conservation

Compared to similar-sized developments, the building uses 35 per cent less energy through use of windows with triple-pane glazing to decrease solar transmission while promoting greater shading. And you don’t have to be a math genius to know that is a considerable reduction.

#2  Rain water management

The building features a stormwater management system, which recycles rainwater for use in washroom toilets and urinals. This reduces the building’s municipal water demand by 70 per cent. 

Photo via Bookstrucker

#3 Air quality

The ventilation system allows for 100 per cent fresh air at all times (no stale office air here!) This is made even better with office windows you can actually open on every floor, and exterior terraces that are part of the design – a unique feature in comparison to other mixed-use buildings of its size.

#4 Living plant wall

The building boasts an 11-storey atrium complete with a living green wall. This improves air quality and provides residents, workers, and visitors with a connection to nature.

TELUS Sky Building exterior
Photo via Ema Peter Photography

In addition to its sustainable technological innovation, the building is a reflection of the ongoing growth, investment, and commitment TELUS has in Calgary and the people who call it home. By providing tenants and residents with exceptional comforts in the form of comprehensive fitness facilities, an on-site secure bicycle storage facility, and a direct connection to TELUS’ PureFibre network to ensure access to the fastest most capable Internet network available in western Canada – it truly is a hub of the downtown core. 

Not to be outshone by the Northern Lights display on the exterior of the building, inside, every floor features exquisite artwork by local artists, paying homage to what makes us and our city unique and beautiful

Pretty impressive, eh? Here, check out the TELUS Sky website for deets on the design, the innovation or anything else you might want to know.