Who else loves a solid visit to the Calgary Farmers’ Market? Picking up fresh produce from growers near, not far, is easier than ever, especially thanks to our friends at Cherry Pit. It’s the epitome of shopping local since Cherry Pit has built its business on sourcing as much produce as they can from local growers in Alberta and BC. Seriously, Cherry Pit currently supports over 60 growers and counting! Doesn’t stocking up on fresh foods feel so much better when they are grown in your own backyard?

cherry pit better juice calgary

Located right in the Calgary Farmers’ Market just off Blackfoot Trail, Cherry Pit is open Thursday to Sunday from 9 AM to 5 PM year-round. Sharla Dube, the owner, began Cherry Pit in 1995 with a small berry stand at the Canmore Farmers’ Market. The constant need for fresh fruits and vegetables became apparent and that’s how Cherry Pit came to be what it is today! With plans for a second location at Calgary Farmers’ Market West, we’re excited that Cherry Pit is spreading the love across the city.


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cherry pit better juice calgary

Cherry Pit’s second initiative, Better, is a fresh new company that makes delicious cold-pressed juice, salads, fruit and veggie platters, gourmet popsicles (yum!), jams, canned goodies, meal kits, and more! Better is mostly known for their cold-pressed juices, and we can see why. It’s probably because they use only the best fruits and veggies when making them. Their motto is “If it’s not fresh enough to impress in a salad, it doesn’t make it into our juice”, so when you drink Better, you’re actually drinking…well, better!

cherry pit better juice calgary

And, if you’re anything like us and doing not-so-hot at your health-related New Year’s resolutions, then maybe opt for the Better Days juice collection. It features juices that can be used as a 1 to 3 day cleanse, which is just the kick-start we could use to get back on the road to healthy clean eating! They also have a Vegetable Butcher service, that allows you to have your fruits and veggies chopped, cubed, sliced or diced. Enjoying fresh produce has never been so easy!

They offer curbside pick up & home deliveries, they are also part of Best of Calgary Foods! Cherry Pit is more than just your average grocery store, and there’s no time like the present to start supporting local!