It actually happened, Calgary! Since October when it was listed on the Concierge Auction site, Springbank’s Terre Blanche Chateau has dazzled and teased potential homebuyers looking for something large and an in charge. Now, nearly 3 months later, the keys have finally been passed from one boujee Albertan to another.

With 9 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, fountains, a theatre, a 6 car garage, and a half-length basketball court; as well as a cigar room, a 1250 bottle wine cellar, elevator, and unreal views of the Rockies, this palace is a residential masterpiece.

Terre Blanche

This week, the 17,000 square foot palace we’ve come to know, love and daydream about was finally sold for a cool $5.88 million – which unsurprisingly, makes it the most expensive home sold in the province this year.

Now, yes, this is a ton of money but it’s important to note that despite the final price tag, the buyer actually got a steal of a deal.

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Terre Blanche

In 2018 the home was actually valued at $20 Million, though it was only sent to auction for $9.83M. What a bargain!

In addition to the home itself, the buyer also chose to buy all of the home’s furnishings – worth what they’ve estimated to be $2.5 million so not only did they save a ton of money – they also saved themselves from a hellish trip to a furniture store. We can’t even imagine what that would’ve been like. 

Terre BlancheTerre Blanche

Anywho, congrats to whoever bought it. We wish you luck with all of that landscaping, house maintenance and luxury living… We also formally request that you invite the entire Curiocity team over for a post-COVID party. Don’t worry, we‘ll wait – we might not have $6 mill for a mansion but we’ve got a whole lot of patience.