For many of us, 2020 has been the hardest year of our lives. Widespread financial insecurity, the inability to see many friends and family, and a serious case of cabin fever have become commonplace problems that don’t currently have commonplace solutions. Asking for help, opening lines of communication, and talking about feelings is more necessary than ever, and MenzLeague is here to help men do that and more.

MenzLeague was created by two Calgarians, Fabian Warner and Derek Hill, who have both dealt with mental health struggles without feeling like there was an easily-accessible community to support them. Despite being successful professionals with solid circles of friends, the two realized that men are often going through things alone and that finding avenues of judgment-free communication was daunting at best, virtually impossible at worst.


Thus, the idea behind MenzLeague was born. MenzLeague is ‘a movement towards a new era of men’, focusing on confidence, transparency, and vulnerability to allow for men to improve themselves as fathers, partners, spouses, sons, and brothers.

For Hill and Warner, creating a community that exists both online and in-person where like-minded men can better themselves and improve their mental health began as a passion project but has become a bit of a calling.

On the MenzLeague Instagram page, Warner and Hill have already launched two initiatives to allow for men to be vulnerable and speak freely about their issues. In the future, MenzLeague is looking to launch exclusive in-person events that will focus on changing the narrative surrounding men’s mental health.


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But that’s not all! Starting on January 1st, 2020, MenzLeague will offer an online membership program where men from all walks of life will have access to the following:

– Multiple levels of content from in-house personal trainers covering various ways to improve your physical health
– Financial advice from industry professionals
– Relationship support from some of Calgary’s leading relationship experts
– Online support to mental health check-ins
– Access to a detailed mental health resource database
– Private online community of like-minded men sharing stories and experiences through Zoom, chat rooms, podcasts, and more.
– Discounts to exclusive fashion and stylist affiliates as well as first access to MenzLeague events (Speaker/Social Series)

For much too long now, the stigma surrounding mental health struggles for men has gone ignored and MenzLeague wants to make those tough conversations as normalized as possible. If you or someone you know could use a community like MenzLeague, check them out online here.

Stay safe, stay kind, and take care.