If you’re looking for a fun vacation home, then we’ve got one of the best in the country for you. Well, if you’re into sort of weird mid-century modern spots on the water. Might be a little bit niche, but oh boy, is it worth checking out. Here’s the rundown on the ‘Butterfly House’.

butterfly house

This waterfront home in Prince Edward County, Ontario sits on over 8 acres of land. Of course, that also comes with access to your own private beach and dock. There’s a barn on the property, too, which would be cool to have renovated for a garage or studio space.

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butterfly house

Meanwhile, the main house features over 4,500 square feet of space with 4 beds and 5 bathrooms. More importantly, though, we really like the design. Angular without being offensive, it’s the kind of relaxed but refined look that should stand the test of time.


And that design is bolstered by a space that can actually be enjoyed. Enjoy the Finnish sauna after a dip in the pool. Or, cook something up to eat out on the upper-level patio. Heck, ask the current owners if they can leave the ping pong table in the sunroom.

ping pong

Basically, this home features the whole package for us. It’s got a good design, in a good location, and with good potential to make it even cooler. Now, all we have to do is figure out how we’re going to get our hands on the $3,300,000 we need to buy it. That might take a second.


But if you’re looking for the perfect home away from home in Ontario, and you’ve got the dough, look no further. All we ask is that we get one summer weekend to enjoy it as a tip. You can check out the Butterfly House listing by clicking right here.