Summer is just around the corner and that means long, hot days soaking up the rays. And what pairs better with summer more than an ice-cold lemonade? An ice-cold boozy lemonade, that’s what! That’s why we are so excited about Virtue Lemonade. Virtue Lemonades are locally made right here in BC and they’re insanely delicious, so what’s not to love?

Virtue wholesome lemonades are made with all-natural fruit flavours and they aren’t carbonated for easy drinking all summer long. With a tangy kick, they’re totally refreshing and less sweet than most coolers.

virtue lemonade
Photo via Virtue Lemonade

So let’s see what they have available in stores for your summer sippin:

The Original Lemonade 

Think nostalgic sidewalk lemonade stand… but 100 times better. Zesty and refreshing, with a light sweet finish, this recipe will have you reaching for another for sure!

Pink Lemonade

If you’re anything like us you love a bit of variety and Virtue’s Pink Lemonade hits that spot everytime. Fresh lemons mixed with tart cranberries create an irresistible twist on traditional lemonade.

Watermelon Lemonade

Ok, besides lemonade watermelon has got to be the ultimate summer refresher. So why not combine the two for one of the tastiest lemonade you’ve ever had? This recipe is nicely balanced with ripe, juicy watermelon and fresh-squeezed lemons for your summer enjoyment.

virtue lemonade
Photo By Quinn Murphy @quinnnmurphy

Virtue Lemonades are made with 8 grams of sugar per can and they’re gluten-free so you can drink em’ guilt-free. Original and Pink Lemonade are available in six-packs or you can get the Lemonade Stand Mixer 12-pack which contains four of each flavour, including Watermelon- and let’s be honest, this is what we’re going for!

They may not be sold by cute little neighbourhood kids but you can get your hands on them at liquor stores throughout BC. Trust us, you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled for these on the shelves.


Cheers to the summer friends!