Capilano? Never heard of her. High above the rocks and trees of Alberta’s Peter Lougheed Park is a secret overpass just as impressive (and stomach-turning) as any other swinging aqueduct. Located only 1 hour and 30 minutes from the city of Calgary, Blackshale Suspension Bridge is just the spot to take your next mountain adventure to new heights.

Although we certainly wouldn’t recommend looking down, this 7.1-kilometre hike (in its entirety) is well worth the trek. Despite it sounding like what might be an intimidating trail, it’s actually easy enough that most hikers can reach the spectacular lookout point. That said, always be careful and have a hiking buddy!

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We realize that some of you be a tad apprehensive – which is understandable-  but in addition to assuring you that the 45(ish)-minute stroll to the bridge is totally worth it, we can also promise you that this bridge is totally safe! The walkway is made of thick metal and the railings are super sturdy.

The only thing we might warn you of is the potential feeling of vertigo. We’re not going to lie to you guys, it’s not recommended that you look at your feet, which, we know, is easier said than done. Other than that, you’ll be fine!

As always, because this is an outdoorsy adventure, make sure you wear comfortable – FLAT – footwear, bring a water bottle, some snacks, and a friend who knows your angle. You’ll thank us when you see this place for yourself!

For more information, like day-of weather conditions (which you absolutely should check for this particular hike) you can check out this website here.

Be brave, be safe, and be ready – this place will quite literally change your perspective of one of Alberta’s favourite national parks.


Where: Black Prince Cirque Trail – Black Prince parking, Kananaskis, AB