Capilano? Never heard of her. High above the rocks and trees of Alberta’s Peter Lougheed Park is a ‘secret’ destination just as impressive (and stomach-turning) as any world-class overpass. Located only 1 hour and 30 minutes from Calgary’s city centre, Blackshale Suspension Bridge will take your next mountain adventure to new heights and here’s what you need to know!

First things first: this 7.1-kilometre hike (there and back) is well worth the trek! Rated as easy, even inexperienced hikers are encouraged to check it out as long as they’ve got a buddy and a good pair of shoes.

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The only thing we might warn you about is the bears in the area currently – and vertigo, which certainly isn’t uncommon, but is avoidable as long as you don’t look at your feet.

Now, while it’s easy, and won’t take too much prep work, it is still important that remember to bring the essentials like a water bottle, some snacks, and your photographer or Insta-boyfriend. You’ll thank us when you see this place for yourself!

For more information, like day-of weather conditions (which you absolutely should check for this particular hike) you can check out this website here.

Be brave, be safe, and be ready – this place will quite literally change your perspective of one of Alberta’s favourite national parks.


Where: Black Prince Cirque Trail – Black Prince parking, Kananaskis, AB