Well, we couldn’t help but notice that BC is acting like fall’s not happening, so we thought why not find a home out there to showcase this week? If you’re trying to escape the winter blues, then this oceanfront mid-century modern masterpiece might be your best bet.

bc waterfront

Perched above the Pacific, the home offers breathtaking views of the Strait of Georgia, with a couple of islands thrown in there for good measure. And while you can access the water, we have a feeling you’d much rather sit on one of the decks instead.

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bc waterfront

But, we think the real selling point of this home is the design. Walking in, we doubt most would think that this home was built in 1981. The floors might be a bit of a giveaway, but otherwise, it’s got all the elements of modern design. Who knew that simplicity and natural light would be so enduring?


And you might not want to swim in the ocean, so this home features an indoor pool instead. What’s more, the design incorporates the rock foundation of the home without looking weird. A tall task, but one we like to see done well. Kudos to the architect!

homeHonestly, we think the biggest problem for the buyer will be furnishing the place better than the current owners. Maybe sneak a couple of questions about where they shopped, because this home’s vibe is second to none.

bc waterfront

If you’d like to check this $14,998,000 waterfront home out for yourself, just click here! Happy house hunting!